Here are the movies in which Patricia Kaas participated.

1994 - Nur eine kleine Affaire
1994 - Prêt-à-porter
1995 - "L'Appât" aka “the Bait”

1995 - The Dinner Party
1995 - Innocent Lies (Péchés mortels)
1995 - Les Misérables
1995 - Lonely Heart Club
1999 - Sturmzeit - ZDF TV Series
1999 - Augustin, Roi du Kung-Fu
2002 - And now Ladies and Gentlemen
2012 - Assassinée


1994 - Nur eine kleine Affaire, a 5 part ZDF series, aired in July and August 1994.
Patricia sings "Space in my heart" for this series.
Runtime: 5 x 45 min.
Director: Detlef Rönfeldt
Author : Annemarie Schoenle
Producer: FFP Freie Fernseh-Film Produktion
Starring: Jennifer Nitsch, Peter Sattmann, Siemen Rühaak, Michael Greiling, Gustav-Peter Wöhling, Xenia Pörtner, Udo Schenk, Karin Boyd, Sissi Perlinger and many others.

Story: Teresa Gärtner wants to become a top designer. She tries to offer her designs to the famous Valentin Thalhoff. Teresa's husband Heiner thinks nothing of all of this.
Teresa succeeds and get the assignment to create designs for a fashion show.
In the meantime her husband is having an affair with a female collegue. Teresa decides to do the same with her friend Victor.

There is also a cd from this series.

1994 - Nur eine kleine Affaire - ZDF Serie



1994 - Prêt-à-porter, a Film from Robert Altman, made in Paris in 1994

Runtime: 133 Minutes
Director: Robert Altman
Composers: Robert Altman, Barbara Shulgasser
Producers: Angelo Pastore, Bob Weinstein, Brian D. Leitch, Harvey Weinstein, Ian Jessel
Starring: Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Kim Basinger

Prêt-à-Porter (English: Ready to Wear) is a 1994 satirical black comedy film co-written, directed and produced by Robert Altman[1] and shot during the Paris, France, Fashion Week with a host of international stars, models and designers. The film may be best known for its many cameo appearances and its final scene which features two minutes of nude female models walking the catwalk.

In this movie you can listen to the song "Reste sur moi" from Patricia Kaas(from the album "Je te dis vous").


Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995Prêt-à-Porter - 1995


1995 - "L'Appât" aka “the Bait”, a movie from Bertrand Tavernier

Runtime: 117 Minutes
Director - Bertrand Tavernier
Screenplay - Colo Tavernier O'HaganL'Appat - 1995
Screenplay - Bertrand Tavernier
Producer - Frederic Bourboulon

Marie Gillain - Nathalie
Olivier Sitruk - Eric
Bruno Putzulu - Bruno
Richard Berry - Alain
Philippe Duclos - Antoine
Marie Ravel - Karine
Clotilde Courau - Patricia
Jean-Louis Richard - Innkeeper
Christophe Odent - Laurent
Jean-Paul Comart - Michel
Philippe Héliès - Pierre
Jacky Nercessian - M. Tapiro (Nathalie's Boss)
Alain Sarde - Philippe
Daniel Russo - Jean-Pierre
Philippe Torreton - Chief of Police

Three adolescents, a girl who serves as the priming and two boys, kill two men cold blooded who were known by the girl only for to steal the money of them. With the money the three want to open a shop for clothing in the United States. But their dream turns out to be more difficult to realize than the assassination.

An adolescent girl, Nathalie, shares a small Parisian apartment with her two friends, Eric and Bruno. None of them has any hope of getting a job but they all have unrealistic aspirations. Nathalie wants to become an actress; Bruno dreams of being a champion boxer; Eric thinks he can make his fortune as a retailer. When Eric’s only income disappears, he contrives a scheme which will earn them enough money to start up a business in America. Nathalie will hang out in nightclubs to lure rich businessmen and gain their confidence. When she is invited to their homes, she will let Eric and Bruno in to rob them. The plan starts to go awry immediately when Bruno kills their first victim.

In this movie you can listen to the song "Space in my heart" from Patricia Kaas.


1995 - The Dinner Party

Runtime: 1:25:36 hr.
Director: Jim Powers
Starring: Chelsea Ryan, China Lee, P.J. Sparxx, Sandi Beach, Dave Hardman, Jon Dough, SThe Dinner Party - 1995teve Drake, Steven St. Croix, Tom Chapman

A well dressed stranger in a limo introduces you to a world of sexual abandon that has no barriers. Every person who comes in contact with him, will enter his world of sexual fulfillment

In this movie you can listen to the song "Il me dit que je suis belle" from Patricia Kaas.


1995 - Innocent Lies (Péchés mortels), a Film from Patrick Dewolf

Runtime: 1.28 hr.
Regisseur: Patrick Dewolf
Director: Pomme Meffre
Starring: Stephen Dorff, Alexandre Desplat, Melvil Poupaud, Gabrielle Anwar, Adrian Dunbar
Producers: Philippe Carcassonne, Marvin J. Rosenblum, Simon Perry

In September 1938 a British detective goes to a small French coastal town in order to investigate the death of a colleague. Prime suspects are the members of an English aristocratic family with plenty of skeletons in the closet.

In this movie you can listen to the song "I wish you love" from Patricia Kaas.

There is also a Music CD from this movie.

Les Péchés Mortels - 1995 Les Péchés Mortels - 1995


The CD

Les Péchés Mortels - 1995

1. Patricia Kaas - Que reste-t-il de nos amours?
2. Solange Theme
3. Jean Sablon - J'attendrai
4. Main Title Theme
5. Ada Falcon - La Morocha
6. Edith Piaf - C'est lui que mon cœur a choisi
7. The Tennis Game
8. Love For Two
9. Cross Investigates
10. Jeremy's Desire
11. Charles Trenet - Que reste-t-il de nos amours?
12. Solange Theme (Piano)
13. Josephine Baker - Si j'étais blanche
14. Murder Of A Child
15. Rossito Serrano - Gutter Mann im Mond
16. The Lovers
17. Celia's Theme (Piano)
18. Duke Ellington - The Mooche
19. The Obsession
20. The Child Killer
21. Love For Two (Piano)
22. Celia's Theme
23. Patricia Kaas - I Wish You Love


1995 - Les Misérables, a Film from Claude Lelouch

Runtime: 175 Minutes
Director: Claude Lelouch
Jean-Paul Belmondo - Henri Fortin / Jean Valjean
Michel Boujenah - André Ziman
Alessandra Martines - Elise Ziman
Salomé Lelouch -The girl Ziman (ls Salome)
Annie Girardot - Thénardière 1942
Philippe Léotard - Thénardier 1942
Clémentine Célarié - Catherine / Fantine
Philippe Khorsand - Police / Javert
Ticky Holgado - Kind hoodlum
Rufus - Thénardier 1830 / 1990
Nicole Croisille - Thénardière 1830 / 1990
William Leymergie – Toureiffel
Jean Marais - Mr. Myriel
Micheline Presle - Mother Superior
Darry Cowl - Bookseller

A variation on Victor Hugo's classic novel by means of the story of a man whose life is affected by and somewhat duplicated by the Hugo story of the beleaguered Jean Valjean.
In autumn 1939, a young Jewish family are fleeing from the Nazis when they meet an ex-boxer (played by Jean-Paul Belmondo) who helps them to escape. This event inspires the ex-boxer to play an active part in the struggle against the Nazi occupation in the years that follow.

Patricia Kaas sings the title of this movie, "La chanson des Misérables".


Les Misérables - 1995



1996 - Night train to Venice aka Train to hell

Runtime: 80 or 98 minuten(there are 2 versions of this movie)
Director: Carlo U. Quinterio
Hugh Grant - Martin
Tahnee Welch - Vera
Malcolm McDowell - Stranger
Kristina Söderbaum - Old Woman (Euphemia)
Rachel Rice - Pia
Evelyn Opela - Tatjana
Samy Langs - Pedro
Murphy McLaren - Black Friend
Robinson Reichel - Skin Udo
Ralph Herforth - Skin Max
Burkhard Kosminski - Skin Walter (as Burkhart Kosminski)
Matthias Kosminski - Skin 4
Renee Kuenzel - Skin 5 (as Renee Künzel)
David Kehoe - Conductor
Roland Astor - Man in Restroom

The story revolves around the young journalist Martin Gimmle (Hugh Grant) who is traveling to Venice by train to drop off a copy of his book on European Neo-Nazism. On the way there he meets a bevy of odd characters. Among them is The Stranger (Malcolm McDowell), an illusive and evil character, who has mysterious powers over dreams. He also encounters Vera (Tahnee Welch), a performer who is travelling with her daughter, and he falls in love with her. He eventually becomes prey to his mysterious surroundings, following the trail of Neo-Nazi gangs and their leader, The Stranger, who uses his powers, causing Martin the loss of his memory. The only persons who can help him now are Vera and her daughter.

In de film you hear the song "Mon mec à moi" performed by Patricia Kaas. (a man dressed as Edith Piaf playbacks this song)

Night train to Venice - 1996Night train to Venice - 1996Night train to Venice - 1996



1999 - Sturmzeit - ZDF TV Serie - Germany


Runtime: 450 Minutes
Director: Bernd Böhlich
Jeanette Hain - Felicia
Barbara Rudnik - Felicia
Nadja Tiller - Felicia
Ben Becker- Maksim Marakov
Rolf Illig - Maksim Marakov
Muriel Baumeister-Noel - Belle
Dominique Horwitz - Benjamin Lavergne
Max Tidof - Alex Lombard
Giulia Boschi - Kassandra
Udo Samel - Tom Wolff
Lissy Tempelhof - Laetitia Domberg
Jürgen Hentsch - Dr. Domberg
Franciszek Pieczka - Ferdinand Domberg
Michaela Rosen - Belle von Bergstrom
Christian Redl - Victor
Swetlana Schönfeld - Gertrud
Irm Hermann - Frau Lavergne
Peter Fitz - Severin Lombard
Felix Eitner - Johannes
Leslie Malton - Belle
Renate Krößner - Susanne

"Riding the Storm", a trilogy on the fate of a woman and a family, begins in the summer of 1914 and literally takes the pulse of the entire 20th century.
"We did our very best to be as faithful as possible to Charlotte Link's splendid family saga (the author of the 3 books) ", says Regina Ziegler.
Riding the storm was shot on the Baltic Sea, in Vogtland and Poland, in the Czech Republic and St. Petersburg, in München and Bavaria, in Toscany and New York City.

5 part TV Series - 3 DVDset was released in 2004 - based on the 3 books of Charlotte Link, "Sturmzeit", "Wilde Lupinen" and "Stunde der Erben".
Together with the Swiss Tenor Erkan Aki Patricia sings the titlesong "Unter der Haut".
The series has been released in English under the name "Riding the Storm" and in Finnish as "Felicia".



2002 - And now Ladies and Gentlemen

Runtime: 133 Minutes
Director: Claude Lelouch
Patricia Kaas - Jane Lester
Jeremy Irons - Valentin
Thierry Ljermite - Xavier
Alessandra Martines - Françoise
Jean-Marie Bigard - Dr. Lamy/Pharmacist
Ticky Holgado - Boubou
Yvan Attal - David
Amidou - Police inspector
Sylvie Loeillet - Soleil
& Claudia Cardinale - Mrs. Falconetti

Valentin is a criminal mastermind, but his exploits don't prove much in the way of satisfaction. Thus, he sets out on a one-man sailing trip around the world in a last attempt at finding meaning in his life. Meanwhile, in Morocco, a burned-out jazz singer named Jane is trying to forget a fizzled love affair. And so begins the journey of these two lost souls who are destined to cross paths.

And Now Ladies & GentlemenAnd Now ....Ladies and Gentlemen - 2002And Now ....Ladies and Gentlemen - 2002And Now ....Ladies and Gentlemen - 2002And Now ....Ladies and Gentlemen - 2002



2012 - Assassinée

Director: Thierry Binisti

The film will be produced by Ramona Productions of Olga Vincent and Jean-Pierre Alessandri.
The film will be aired by France 3.

Patricia Kaas - Cathy
Serge Hazanavicius - Richard
Raphaël Boshart - Laurent
Marie Vincent - Marie
Jonathan Cardonnel - Eric
Annaïs Tellenne - Clara
Jean-Paul Comart - Capitain Morand
Nicolas Jouhet - Simon
Clara Brajtman - Eva

Cathy(Patricia) is going to celebrate her daughter Eva's 20th birthday. Eva is going to go to the medical faculty and Cathy is so proud of her.
Cathy has divorced her husband Richard, a baker.
On her daughter's birtday Cathy gets the news that Eva has been murdered.

Assassinée - 2012Le Parisien - Oct. 2011TV Magazine - Nov. 2011TV Magazine - Nov. 2011TV Magazine - Nov. 2011Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012Presskit Assassinée - April 2012<b>Télépoche</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Télépoche</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Téléstar</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Femme Actuelle</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Femme Actuelle</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Ici Paris</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Télé7Jours</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>Télé7Jours</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>TV Cable Sat</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk<b>TV Grande Chaine</b> - 7 May 2012 - Frankrijk


The article from the TV Magazine - Nov. 2011

How did you prepare yourself?
I wasn't at all confident that I could do this movie.
I got a coach that reassured me and told me, that I could do it.
I moved into a hotel during the recordings, because I didn't want to be distracted by daily things.
And I did some sport, because recording is tiresome and you have to have a good condition.

The recording was pretty difficult...
From the 122 scenes, I am in 115 scenes and I had a lot of text. I studied my text in the weekend.
And my role was completely different from the one in "And now ...Ladies and Gentlemen". In that movie I was the singer, but here I had a totally different role. Especially expressing all those emotions was difficult for me.

Were you able to express all those different emotions?
It wasn't easy, because they were sometimes extreme, like when I was angry or sad etc.
I tried to think about things in my past, or about the death of my own mother, but that is a long time ago and sometimes I thought about a song to get the right feeling.

During the recordings were you reassured?
I always was afraid that I couldn't remember my text. When I am on stage singing I am there on my own. But now I had to express myself in front of other actors and that isn't easy for me. But Serge Hazanavicius, who plays my ex husband, was so sweet. He said not to worry.
I was particularly worried about the cry that I had to express when I learned as Cathy that my daughter was killed. But everybody was very nice to me and everybody reassured me that I was doing fine.

At night, could you let it all go?
No I couldn't do that. I talked about other things during dinner, but when I went to my room, I was again in the same mood as in the movie. I was very focussed. 3 weeks before the recordings I listened to the BO de La Liste de Schindler, every morning and evening. At the end of the recordings I was really depressed.(She laughs)

Is being an actress a dream for you?
No, I always found it amusing. But when I saw the recordings back I was a bit shocked and worried, because I saw the person that I am when I wake up every morning, the Patricia who only people very close to me know. This time, with Assassinée, I go deeper into my emotions and in my way of expressing myself. It is more the real Patricia, that you see now.

More information about the movie is on my page about Assassinée and on my forum here.


Here is the making of "Assassinée"





More info about the movie you will find on my forum here.


Patricia Kaas Quotes

When you are 25 or even 30, you can just do things. When you get to 35, things are different. Time is more precious to me now. I've got my priorities.

I am not sad, but I am melancholic. When you lose your mother at 20 and then your father soon after, melancholia is part of your life.

I always doubted myself. I doubted the way I looked, my body, my voice - everything.

For me love is not a quote, nor a novel ... It's a real life!

My beauty secret is: do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and be happy.



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